All orders for laboratory supplies must be placed through BioLabs. All packages are received, labeled, and stacked in the Package Room by Sosy. You will be notified by Sosy when your packages arrive. For questions regarding your purchases or LabCloud, please reach out to Thierry and/or Anthony.

Make a LabCloud Order

Shared Lab Equipment Reservations

To reserve lab equipment at the Tufts Launchpad BioLabs building, we ask that you do so online and in advance. Lab equipment is listed in YaRooms and can be booked the same way as a conference room. All lab equipment booking requests are approved by Steve.

Make a Reservation

*Please use your YaRooms login information created during onboarding.

Equipment Training

Much of the laboratory equipment here at BioLabs was generously donated by our vendor sponsors. If you require training on specific pieces of equipment, we will be happy to contact the vendor to organize training sessions for you.