Common Space

All conference rooms are available for use through reservation. These spaces are true co-working spaces and are shared by all clients. The BioLabs team will monitor reservations and usage to address abuse of co-working spaces. Hallways are not rated as “laboratory space.” As such, scientists should minimize time spent in hallways with lab coats and gloves. Please do NOT touch phones or door handles with gloves (see the Laboratory page for further details). These policies will also be reviewed in depth during safety on-boarding. Food and drinks are allowed in the corridor between the kitchen and the front office suite, but should be covered always.

Conference Room Use


A. To book conference rooms at the BioLabs building online in advance:

Make a BioLabs Room Reservation

B. To book conference rooms at the BioLabs building at the time of usage:

Every meeting room has an iPad installed to manage reservations. Please make sure to tap on the iPads “check-in” so you can activate your reservation or “make a local reservation” prior to using any of these spaces. If you finish using the space before your reservation is over, please “check-out” to open the space in the system for other users.

C. To book conference rooms at the Genesis main building outside of the BioLabs building, you must submit a work order below:

Make a Genesis Conference Room Reservation

House Rules

Maintenance & Clean-up

We are fortunate to be able to provide such a beautiful facility. Keeping our space and equipment in working order requires all users to take it upon themselves to leave work spaces in their original state. This applies to the open lab, shared lab and office equipment, and co-working spaces such as conference rooms and lounge area. If you find that equipment is not functioning properly, please notify a BioLabs team member so we can attend to it. BioLabs evening cleaning service empties garbage and recycling bins and cleans the floors. It is your responsibility to collapse boxes that do not fit in the blue recycling containers in your labs and offices and deposit them in the recycling dumpster in the trash and recycling area at the rear of the building. Boxes should never be left in the hallways or any areas of egress. Please see the map for the locations of trash/recycling areas. If you need assistance or cleaning supplies due to a spill on a rug, or anything else needing immediate attention, please notify us directly. We are happy to assist you.