All orders for laboratory supplies must be placed through BioLabs. To place an order, fill out the BioLabs order form and email it to Lindsay for approval. The order will be placed within 24 hours of receipt. You will be notified when your packages arrive. Please verify the contents of each package and return the packing slips (copies are acceptable if your company must retain the originals) to Lindsay as soon as possible.

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Shared Lab Equipment Reservations

This is a new service that is still being set up. If you are a scientist, please talk to Abegale to get more information on how to access and reserve shared lab equipment.

Equipment Training

Much of the laboratory equipment here at BioLabs was generously donated by our vendor sponsors. If you require training on specific pieces of equipment, we will be happy to contact the vendor to organize training sessions for you.

Storage Space for Common Lab Residents

Common Lab residents will be assigned one shelf each in a -80°C Freezer, a -20°C Freezer and Cold Room A for storage of temperature sensitive materials. There is also room in the cryo freezer for frozen cells if necessary. Storage of non-temperature sensitive laboratory consumables is restricted to your assigned lab bench only. Due to safety regulations, storage of materials and/or equipment is not permitted in hallways and corridors.

Supply Centers - Thermo Fisher

The Supply Center is stocked with the supplies and reagents needed for all equipment donated by Thermo Fisher as well as commonly used reagents. If there is something that is not already in the Supply Center, a request can be made to have it stocked. Please contact Abegale to have an access card assigned to you.

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