Safety & Well-Being

Saftey Training

All members of the BioLabs community must go through Environmental Health and Safety training with MediaLab. This training includes more detailed procedures for emergency events at BioLabs. All new BioLabs clients must register for training upon arrival at Biolabs. Failure to complete training in a timely manner will lead to access restrictions.

Register for Safety Training


If the fire alarm rings, everyone must evacuate. Please congregate in a safe space away from the fire and the Fire Department operations. We ask you to do a head count to ensure everyone in your company reporting at BioLabs for the day is present. Make sure to notify a BioLabs team member know that you are all accounted for. Please do not leave the area until we have received a status update from facility management or fire personnel.

Smoking Policy

In compliance with State Law, smoking is prohibited inside the building. As a courtesy to non-smokers and all guests to our buildings, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines: