Let’s grow your science together

BioLabs Cambridge Ipsen is a one-stop-shop for early stage bioinnovators and investors. We provide shared wet laboratory space as well as translational research services in the heart of Cambridge. We are the pioneers of co-working lab space here in Cambridge, which means strong knowledge and network in one of the most dynamic biotech environments around the world, only available to you

Our team brings experience and expertise to the table that will complement your know-how and ability. Our scientists are ready to start moving your company or investment toward important milestones immediately.

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Launch in Less Than a Week
Ignite your business on a start-up sized budget with access to our fully equipped, all-inclusive co-working laboratories.
Start with a Single Bench
You can begin with just a single bench and there's no long-term lease to worry about.
Make Capital Connections
Tap into BioLabs' network of industry leading pharma and life science companies, angel investors and venture capitalists that are seeking to partner with disruptive innovators.
We've Got You Covered
Membership with BioLabs gives you convenient access to concierge services, enabling you to stay focused on meaningful science.
Access Resources
Our facilities are strategically designed with shared common areas to promote collaboration and peer learning.
Achieve High Potential Status
This is a place of serious science. A place where elite ideas come to flourish.

Meet Our Team

Laura Brandano PhD

Site Director,
Ipsen Innovation Center | BioLabs