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2023 AbbVie
Golden Ticket

Apply by

October 25, 2023 - 11:59pm CET 

Application Form

Application Form
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Thank you for applying for the AbbVie Golden Ticket 2023

Judging Criteria and Judges 

AbbVie leaders who are qualified scientific experts in their respective fields, including specialties in scientific and/or medical research and business, will review all submissions. The following criteria will form application judging criteria: 

Fit relating to the research fields of oncology, immunology, neuroscience, eye care, or aesthetics. Judges will also consider novel target(s) identification, drug delivery, discovery technology platforms, and translational research and development.

Unmet need for the research in the relevant field. Is this research/program/technology addressing a critical medical need?

Readiness to move into the Biolabs Heidelberg lab space within three months of being selected for the award

Quality of the scientific data, research plan and/or technology platform

Potential to successfully achieve research milestones and program development


The Application Process


Submit applications by

October 25, 2023


A subset of applicants will be identified as finalists by the contest judges by

 November 4, 2023


Finalists will present their company & scientific concept at a live event on

November 9, 2023 


Golden Ticket winner to enter the Biolabs lab space between

December 2023
February 2024

  • What is the AbbVie Golden Ticket – Biolabs Heidelberg Award?
    Golden Tickets are vouchers that AbbVie can award to a startup company of their choice and provide that company with one lab bench in Biolabs Heidelberg for one year. The value of a Golden Ticket prepays the cost of one (1) single bench, one (1) single desk and Biolabs membership for one person for one (1) year. The value of a single bench may be applied towards fees for a private lab in Biolabs Heidelberg, pending availability at the time of their desired start. The Golden Ticket winner must pay the difference between the larger space and the value of the single bench covered by their Golden Ticket. If there are no benches available, the value of the golden ticket will be extended while the company remains on the waitlist for a bench. The winner will receive priority admission or renewal for one year’s use of a lab bench and access to all shared facilities at Biolabs Heidelberg, and opportunities to engage with AbbVie scientific and business executives.
  • How do I know if I am eligible for a Golden Ticket?
    Golden Tickets may be awarded to either startup companies that are interested in joining the Biolabs Heidelberg community or current Resident Companies. To be eligible to participate to have the opportunity to receive the Award, the Applicant must: (1) be an independent entity (SME), either currently formed under the laws of Germany; (2) not have raised more than $7.5 million United States dollars in capital or have trailing twelve month revenue of more than $3 million United States dollars as of the time of Application and the closing date for the Contest; 3) submit a complete Application; (4) represent and warrant that the Applicant has read and agrees to abide by all requirements of these Rules; (5) not be affiliated with or employed by AbbVie or Biolabs including as an employee, contractor, officer or director of AbbVie or Biolabs and including as an immediate family member of AbbVie or Biolabs (including parents, spouses, children, siblings or any individual residing in the household of a AbbVie, officer or director (whether or not related)); and (6) not be an academic institution such as a college, university or school. Diagnostics, Devices, Research Tools, and Healthcare-Services & IT companies are excluded.
  • When will I be able to use my Golden Ticket?
    The top proposals will be invited for an in-person presentation at Biolabs Heidelberg in November 9, 2023. Companies must be financially and scientifically ready to move into Biolabs Heidelberg within two months of receiving the ticket and to execute the submitted research plan.
  • Where can I find more details on AbbVie’s areas of focus for external innovation?
    Please refer to our Corporate Strategy Organization’s brochure

Contact Us

BioLabs Heidelberg

Nikola-Tesla-Str. 1

69124 Heidelberg

+49 163 8698823


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