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Expand into the largest health-care market of the world 

Clinical Research facilitation with BioLabs Hotel Dieu


            AP-HP is a power house for clinical research: with over 4,000 clinical trials on-going half of which are run with industrial partners, half of all clinical research in France takes place within the 39-hospital system of AP-HP. All aspects of clinical research are covered at AP-HP from rare diseases to pharmaco-economic evaluations. 

             Resident companies of the BioLabs Hotel Dieu will be guided by BioLabs and AP-HP dedicated clinical research staff within our offices to navigate this 100,000-staff organization, and ensure that the planning process and the execution of your clinical research protocols take place as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  


             Experienced staff can take you through the planning and regulatory steps that any clinical trial will entail. This process is dedicated to entrepreneurs, hailing from France or from other countries.  

              BioLabs Hôtel Dieu : your one stop for conducting your clinical research  

as efficiently as possible. 


                Companies established in France and conducting clinical research are eligible to France’s Research Tax Credit, one of the most efficient of OCDE. (link to more info CIR) 

                 Details of DRCI’s offer available through BioLabs Hotel Dieu is available here. (quote online if possible 

A key actor in Hôtel-Dieu 


The Digital Medical Hub (DMH) provides counseling and services to startups developing medical devices and digital health solutions. 

It provides a comprehensive range of services aiming to help healthtech startups, both early-stage or more advanced. 


With a scientific board and connections throughout the AP-HP, the DMH brings various expertises to the table: its connection with health experts (surgeons, doctors, paramedics, etc…) provides a unique testing ground for the development of your solution, allowing the collection of user feedback easily, and facilitating co-development opportunities. 


Their core expertise regards e-health and data-related issues. The DMH will grant access to a secured data lake and develops interoperability and regulatory expertise (cybersecurity, GDPR…), crucial to the development of young companies and the integration of their solution to the existing systems. 

Its connection with public institutions, private partners and other startups makes it the hub through which all medical device project will be able to plan for their development in synchronization with your future clients and users. 


The DMH covers all the development stages of a startup, from early-stage product conception to market access and business model formulation. They will provide a lasting counseling offer and act as a standard for quality throughout the development of your solution. 

DMH Offer


Expand into the largest health-care market of the world 


BioLabs operates a network of 10 Innovation Communities in the most dynamic healthcare clusters of the United States. 

As a member of the BioLabs Hôtel Dieu community, you have automatic reciprocal privileges in other centers of our network.  

Meet with your partners, explore the markets for your products, expand your reach by using BioLabs facilities. You will be able to reserve desks and conference rooms to facilitate your meetings. Go here for details.  


E-health, link with @HD

In addition to its activities within the Hôtel-Dieu, BioLabs is also involved in the creation of an area dedicated to digital health, where it will host startups and extend its activity. 

This will be an opportunity for startups to be part of an ever-growing innovation community, and will allow BioLabs to put its skills to the service of a wider range of projects.