Email to all BioLabs Staff

Johannes Fruehauf, CEO

June 3, 2020

Dear All,


As scientists and business leaders in biotech, we cannot sit by quietly in this moment. In this time where we are using all of our collective scientific power to combat a virus that reaches all humans alike, we need to also combat in the same way the insidious societal diseases of racism and inequality.


Much like the virus is a silent and invisible threat that spreads if we do nothing, the same is true for systemic racism – it is a disease that is affecting our society and hurting, killing even, large numbers of our population. Our nation is in pain right now, mourning the deaths of  George FloydBreonna TaylorAhmaud Arbery, and so many others. We are deeply saddened and acknowledge that the oppression of Black and other marginalized people persists to this day.


We stand with those who are raising their voices against this country’s ingrained racism and systemic violence towards Black and other marginalized peoples. This ongoing reality calls upon each of us not to just be non-racist but actively anti-racist, since neutrality is not an option. Watch-and-wait is not an option.


I personally have learned a lot in discussions with Black and minority team members over the past few days about the difficult realities many of them live with every day, and their frustration, anger and anxiety that nothing seems to change, and that they still have to fear dying at the hands of rogue police officers in this country.


We need to have these difficult conversations, to educate our children and each other, to protect and insulate our teams and take measures as organizations, so that we can overcome it. 


At BioLabs, we actively renounce institutional racism and inequality, and will actively do our part to support our Black friends and families and team members of color.


What can we do? We can start by reviewing how we hire, who we mentor, where we buy, and who we collaborate with. We will make sure that this becomes a sustainable commitment within BioLabs.

I will personally be involved in a listening tour to invite your suggestions and ideas as we are working to do our part to overcome racism. Please feel free to reach out directly or through your site heads to add your voice.



Thank you,




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