Equipment List

_Cell Counters

Digital, fluorescent-capable cell counters to provide accurate measurements for all your experiments from Biorad, Luna, Invitrogen and more.

Cell Counters

Various centrifuges including refrigerated microcentrifuges, benchtop and highspeed models from brands like ThermoFisher Scientific, Eppendorf, Beckman-Coulter and more.

_Flow Cytometer

Powerful and highly-customizable flow cytometers for cell analysis from ThermoFisher Scientific and more.

Flow Cytometry
_Fridges, Freezers & Cold Storage

Fridges, freezers and cold storage for all your experimental needs, including -20 and -80 degree freezers.

Fridges & Freezers

Digital imaging stations from Li-Cor and Syngene.


Temperature and CO2 controlled shaking and static incubators from brands like Eppendorf and ThermoFisher Scientific.


Various microscopes including digital, fluorescent and inverted models from Olympus, Nikon, iRis and more.


PCR and Real-time PCR machines from Eppendorf, ThermoFisher Scientific and more.

PCR Machines
_Spectrophotomers & Spectrofluorimeters

Spectrofluorimeters and spectrophotometers from brands such as ThermoFisher Scientific, DeNovix and more.

Spectrofluorimeters & Spectrophotometers