Guests & Reception


Visitors are always welcome at BioLabs! To help ensure the security of the building, visitors will be required to sign-in (and sign-out) at the reception desk and wear a visitor badge always while on the premises. Please let the BioLabs staff know if you plan to have larger groups on site to help accommodate for your needs ahead of time. Reception The BioLabs team is happy to receive your guests. Upon their arrival, BioLabs staff will call your company’s administrative contact and sign them in as a visitor. It is your company’s responsibility to send a representative to the lobby to escort your visitor.

Children & Pets

BioLabs welcomes family to visit during scheduled family events. Family may visit during off-peak operation hours. Clients will have priority to use the conference rooms for business purposes. To ensure the safety and integrity of the lab, pets are not allowed at any time.

Part-time Employees & Contractors

If you have contractors or part-time employees that perform work onsite two or fewer days per week, they may be considered a visitor. These employees/contractors must sign-in like any other visitor. In the case that an employee or contractor is onsite more than two days weekly, they must be registered with BioLabs as an employee. This will give them building access and add them to your roster of onsite employees. This triggers an additional monthly per-person charge for the use of the BioLabs facility.