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  • The path to the C-Suite is rarely boring. It can be fast and sweet or long and winding. For many people of color, the journey to executive leadership is marked with adversity. Let's Talk About explores what it takes to become an executive from leaders who’ve been there.
  • Apr 27, 9:00 PM
    Online Event
    Michigan Diversity Council presents the National Black Men in Leadership Summit. The theme for our 2021 Summit is, “Advancing Black Male Leaders: The Voice, Truths, and Power of Black Men”. Among Fortune 500 companies, less than 1% of CEOs are Black. Today there are only 4 Black CEOs..
  • LaunchBio’s next SoCal Founders Circle features a peer-to-peer discussion with Pfizer Ventures’ Mark Baran exploring when and how to partner with strategic corporate venture.
  • We all have unconscious biases. They help us establish a sense of security, but they can also exclude, isolate, and marginalize others, damaging workplace relations and everyday business.
  • Jody Thelander of J. Thelander Consulting is back with the latest insights and analysis into compensation for US biotech and life sciences private companies.
  • As the acceptance of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) people and their economic power continues to climb, fully understanding and embracing LGBTQ diversity is truly a critical business and organizational imperative.
  • The burden of feeling misunderstood, and in some cases unappreciated, prevents people from bringing their whole self to work.
  • Sep 08, 1:00 PM EDT
    Online Event
    Key to leveraging diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is to start at the beginning – attracting and hiring diverse talent. As the talent pool both domestically and globally becomes more diverse, it is critical that all organizations across all sectors step up their inclusive recruiting.
  • This workshop takes participants into a guided journey to inclusive leadership by having a greater understanding of self-awareness while leveraging specific competencies to intentionally create and maintain an inclusive team.
  • This workshop focuses on the characteristics and formative life experiences of five American generations and how their presence has shifted the workplace culture. It explores how each generation generally prefers to interact, contribute, and be rewarded for their results.
  • November 18 to 21
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Stay tuned for more information on this year's Out to Innovate Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.


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