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North Cambridge


Pioneering Innovation in Neurology

Eisai Innovation Center BioLabs is a boutique biotech accelerator located in the Alewife neighborhood of North Cambridge, right in the heart of this rapidly transforming hub for life sciences companies. Eisai opened this incubator as part of its relentless pursuit of a cure for disease across neurology, oncology, immunology and infectious diseases, as well as platform and emerging technologies and the fulfillment of its human health care mission. Eisai Innovation Center BioLabs uniquely provides the most prominent emerging biotech companies with broad and tailored state-of-the-art capabilities to help them pursue the development of transformative therapies, devices and digital solutions for patients living with life-altering diseases.


Co-located in the same facility as the Eisai Center for Genetics Guided Dementia Discover (G2D2), Eisai Innovation Center BioLabs can simultaneously accommodate five to seven companies in its nearly 6,000 square foot space, providing access to cutting-edge technology for companies forging the future of research and innovation.

Eisai Innovation Center BioLabs’ modern, functional design enables the impactful fusion of resident companies and the ecosystem to holistically meet their unique scientific, business, and corporate needs.


  • Laboratory space and equipment, as well as office, meeting and event space.

  • The center also offers full-service, turn-key operational support from BioLabs and their procurement platform.


These services free up time for start-ups to focus on advancing their innovation and reaching key milestones.