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First of its kind neurology focused incubator.  A dynamic ecosystem for translating a pipeline of early-stage neurology scientific discovery companies into ventures developing innovative medicines. Welcome to Eisai Innovation Center BioLabs!

Pioneering innovation in neurology

The Eisai Innovation Center BioLabs is a boutique neurology focused incubator located in the fast-growing North Cambridge neighborhood of Alewife.  Following Eisai’s relentless pursuit of a cure for neurological diseases and the fulfillment of their human health care (hhc) mission , this incubator space is pioneering in providing unique, broad and tailored capabilities to the most prominent emerging biotech companies, to accelerate the development of transformative therapies, devices, and digital solutions for patients suffering from neurological disorders. Co-located in the same facilities as the Eisai Center for Genetics Guided Dementia Discovery (G2D2), it provides access to state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology in the neurology discovery space @ G2D2 and the collaborative ambience for the resident start-ups.

BioLabs, a leading nationwide incubator with decade plus track record of launching, operating and investing in life sciences will manage the ~6,000 sq. ft. shared space that accommodates 5-7 emerging biotech companies forging the future of neurology innovation.

The Eisai Innovation Center BioLabs is a functional and modern facility, with space-age laboratory equipment, lab, office, meeting and event spaces. It was designed to enable impactful collision of companies in an ecosystem fostered by top-tier network of scientist, advisors and investors. Resident companies will have access to BioLabs, technical, operational and procurement support, allowing start-ups to focus on advancing their science to reach the next critical milestone in an accelerated and efficient manner. As part of the Eisai and BioLabs' ecosystem, resident companies obtain access to educational and networking events that enhance peer-to-peer networking experiences, facilitate collaborations and potentially seed new entrepreneurial ideas advancing development of medicines/technologies addressing unmet needs in the neurology space. Innovators will have the opportunity to capitalize on the unique and complementary drug discovery and translational capabilities of Eisai and BioLabs to develop therapeutics in a cost-efficient manner

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Meet Our Team


Chief Operating Officer

Education: Connecticut College

Adam Milne
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Site Director

Education: Scripps Research

Veena Krishnappa, DVM, MVSc, PhD

Director of Laboratory Operations

Education: Temple University

Stephen Beauparlant,
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Laboratory & Operations Associate

Education: Holy Cross

Freddie Halloran

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