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Meet Our Partner

In Los Angeles, BioLabs has partnered with The Lundquist Institute for BioMedical Innovation at Harbor UCLA Medical Center (formerly LA BioMed) to open the only premier co-working wet lab facility in the South Bay.

A History of Innovation

The Lundquist Institute, a 501(c)3 independent non-profit biomedical research organization founded in 1952, has over 120 principal investigators and 400 researchers in total — MD’s, MD/PhD’s, and PhD’s — working on over 1,000 research studies and clinical trials. The Lundquist Institute is academically affiliated with the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and works in partnership with the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Dr. Criley creates paramedic model for emergency care; The Lundquist Institute conducts first training programs for Nurse Practitioners in 1969.`




The partnership allows entrepreneurs to have access to the amazing researchers and cores available on campus. By being couched within one of the foremost translational research institutions in the US, BioLabs at The Lundquist Institute enables startups to hit the ground running by working with high class peers who can provide mentorship, brainstorm cutting edge collaborations, and connect with the well-oiled engine of innovation already occurring on campus. Innovation takes a village, and by making connections with the best of the best in LA, we can help you call LA home.

Thank You!

Better together! BioLabs wants to thank our partner, The Lundquist Institute, and specifically our sponsor, Keith Hoffman, Former Senior Vice President of Business Development & Technology Transfer, for seeing the vision through and making BioLabs LA a success.

Keith Hoffman, PhD

Former Senior Vice President of Business Development


Dr. Hoffman is responsible for the development of commercialization opportunities for The Lundquist Institute's intellectual properties, capabilities and expertise.

The Lundquist Institute  by the numbers

  • 100+ internationally recognized research groups

  • 600 ongoing research projects

  • 150 grants from federal sources (NIH and DoD) support our researchers – over $70M annually

  • 500+ peer-reviewed articles in prestigious medical and scientific journals annually

  • ~700 patents and patent applications

  • 14 companies spun off to bring The Lundquist Institute discoveries to the bedside

  • You have likely benefited at some point in your life from innovations by The Lundquist Institute. In their almost 70 years, the campus has seen:


The development of the training for “Paramedics” – they coined the term!


The invention of the modern cholesterol test

The profession of Nurse Practitioner had its beginning on the campus


The first isolation and administration of a lung surfactant to treat premature babies


The FDA-approved drug Aldurazyme® for Mucopolysaccharidosis, marketed by Sanofi / BioMarin

The development of low-cost antiseptic eye drops that prevented blindness in hundreds of  thousands of newborns in third-world countries 


An FDA-approved drug to treat submental fullness (Kybella®, marketed by Allergan)


An FDA-approved drug for the treatment for chronic pain associated with sickle-cell anemia (Endari®, marketed by Emmaus Lifesciences)


An FDA 510k-cleared revolutionary heart monitoring medical device from QT Medical 


An FDA-approved drug for the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease (Tepezza™, marketed by Horizon Therapeutics)

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