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Changing the business of biotech

Building Better Biotechs

BioLabs are the premier co-working spaces for life science startups — unique places where you can test, develop and grow your game-changing ideas. As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we have first-hand experience with the pain-points biotech start-ups face. Our goal is to change how scientific entrepreneurs do business by building an ecosystem that empowers bioinnovators to grow quickly, while maximizing capital efficiency.

Meet our team

Johannes Fruehauf MD PhD's bio picture
Johannes Fruehauf MD PhD

Founder & President,

Susie Harborth's bio picture
Susie Harborth

Co-founder, BioLabs San Diego
COO, BioLabs

Eric Linsley's bio picture
Eric Linsley

BioLabs North Carolina

Laura Holberger PhD's bio picture
Laura Holberger PhD

VP Operations, BioLabs
Site Director,
Tufts Launchpad | BioLabs

Susan Chase's bio picture
Susan Chase

VP of Business Development,

Samar Jahan's bio picture
Samar Jahan


Lisa Hines's bio picture
Lisa Hines

Accounting Manager,

Thierry Leclerc's bio picture
Thierry Leclerc

Operations Lead,

Anthony Renodon's bio picture
Anthony Renodon

Business Developer Associate,

Stephen Beauparlant PhD's bio picture
Stephen Beauparlant PhD

Lab Manager,
Tufts Launchpad | BioLabs

Laura Brandano PhD's bio picture
Laura Brandano PhD

Client Manager & Safety Officer,
Tufts Launchpad | BioLabs

Sosy Mooradian's bio picture
Sosy Mooradian

Office Manager,
Tufts Launchpad | BioLabs

Nicole McKnight PhD's bio picture
Nicole McKnight PhD

Managing Director,
BioLabs New York

Ed Field's bio picture
Ed Field

BioLabs North Carolina

Shannon Taylor PhD's bio picture
Shannon Taylor PhD

Lab Operations Manager,
BioLabs North Carolina

Frank Rider's bio picture
Frank Rider

Lab Technician,
BioLabs North Carolina

Nishta Rao PhD's bio picture
Nishta Rao PhD

Site Director, Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs

Beth Rowley's bio picture
Beth Rowley

Lab Head, Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs

Pierre Devlaminck's bio picture
Pierre Devlaminck

Operations Associate, Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs

Lisa Ortiz's bio picture
Lisa Ortiz

Lab Manager,
BioLabs San Diego

Abegale Colmenar's bio picture
Abegale Colmenar

Director of Operations,
BioLabs San Diego

Lindsay Wood's bio picture
Lindsay Wood

Operations Associate,
BioLabs San Diego

Katarina Craddle's bio picture
Katarina Craddle

Concierge/Events Associate,
BioLabs San Diego

Dane Lund, PhD's bio picture
Dane Lund, PhD

Operations Manager,
BioLabs New York