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BioLabs presents an exceptional sponsorship and partnership program, providing access to a global network of cutting-edge startup companies. This initiative not only opens doors to innovative collaborations but also fosters enduring relationships between sponsors and BioLabs' resident companies. Our dedicated staff and partnership team stand ready to facilitate seamless connections with resident startups throughout our extensive network.​

Why Should You Become a BioLabs Sponsor?

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Get Early Access to Innovation

Increase your visibility as a partner of choice for startups on their journey

Learn about emerging technologies and connect with out network of >200 resident companies


Join a Big Network of Preferred Partners

BioLabs works with 60+ sponsors across the global network

Join the big network of preferred partners and expand your partnership to cover new geographies

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Strengthen the Entire Ecosystem

Provide scientist with resources, including equipment manufacturers, service providers

Join thriving startup communities, which attract and retain talent, create jobs, and lead to scientific breakthroughs

BioLabs works with sponsors from an array of sectors within the life sciences community, including pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, analytical instrumentation companies, Legal firms, CRO’s etc. This diversity supports BIoLab’s overall mission of providing the best services and network to the resident companies and enables them to focus on their meaningful science.

Sponsorship benefits include prominent name recognition, publicity, Golden Tickets, access to a wide network of entrepreneurs, scientist, executives and leaders from the life science community, and more.


Sponsorship Inquiries

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