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BioLabs are the premier co-working spaces for life science startups — unique places where you can test, develop and grow your game-changing ideas. As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we have firsthand experience with the pain points biotech startups face. Our goal is to change how scientific entrepreneurs do business by building an ecosystem that empowers bioinnovators to grow quickly, while maximizing capital efficiency.

Launch in Less
Than a Week

Ignite your budget on a startup sized budget with access to our fully equipped, all inclusive co-working laboratories.

Start with a
Single Bench

You can begin with just a single bench and there's no long term lease to worry about.

Make Capital Connections

Tap into BioLabs' network of industry leading pharma and life science companies, angel investors and venture capitalists that are seeking to partner with disruptive innovators.

We've Got
You Covered

Membership with BioLabs gives you convenient access to concierge services, enabling you to stay focused on meaningful science.


Our facilities are strategically designed with shared common areas to promote collaboration and peer learning.

Achieve High
Potential Status

This is a place of serious science.  A place where elite ideas come to flourish.

Laboratory Bench BW2.png

BioLabs Application Process

Step 1:

Start by telling us a bit about yourself by filling out our inquiry form. We'll contact you to set up a time to chat.

Step 2:

During discovery, we'll discuss your plans for building your biotech, and how we can partner with you. 

Step 3:

The formal application process includes a presentation of your company to our selection committee.

Step 4:

That's it! You'll be notified of the outcome of the selection process: we hope to see you at BioLabs!

Architectural Features

BioLabs are designed with smaller users in mind - our spaces have open laboratories with bench spaces, private lab suites, private offices, conference rooms, event spaces, quiet work/writing areas, cafeteria and eating areas, game rooms, and private telephone booths.

Co-working Office Space

Work side by side with like-minded and dynamic entrepreneurial scientists and founders - as well as biotech and pharmaceutical partners.

Seminars, Networking
& Social Events

Take advantage of our networking and social events to rub shoulders with academic researchers, the greater biotech community as well as scientific and business leaders from around the country for peer-to-peer learning. They're great places to find your next team member or advisory board member, too.

Lab Amenities & Equipment

Best-in-class and fully supported PCR machines, freezers and refrigerators, plate readers, microscopes, centrifuges, shakers and vortexers, gel imagers, flow cytometry, sequencing and more. Access shared tissue culture rooms, autoclaves, deionized water, gas and vacuum and ice machines.

Do More, Be More,
Build Your Biotech

Why choose BioLabs to grow your company

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