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Innovation in healthcare is more important than ever. We have a bold vision for a life science entrepreneurial community in the heart of Paris that will fuel the next generation of innovators and life-saving technologies.

The installation of BioLabs in the heart of this hospital is a core part of the @Hôtel-Dieu initiative, launched by the AP-HP and the University of Paris, to develop a place of open innovation in health connected to all 39 AP-HP hospitals. This site will be promoting the emergence of new solutions and technologies for the benefit of patients, in close relationship with startups.

We will soon open offices embedded in the AP-HP Hôtel-Dieu. After its renovation, the building will be a fully-functional hospital,  the spearhead of innovation at AP-HP, and a prestigious building at the heart of the city. Membership at our site will give you access to the full BioLabs network, the largest network of innovation communities in the US. But this is only the beginning.

We invite you to grow with us, as we expand to include a laboratory incubator, support services to test your medical devices and e-health solutions in a hospital setting, and streamlined access to the AP-HP, one of the largest clinical research organizations in Europe.


Clinical Research facilitation at

BioLabs Hôtel-Dieu


AP-HP is a power house for clinical research: with over 4,000 clinical trials on-going (half of which are run with industrial partners), half of all clinical research in France takes place within the 39-hospital system of AP-HP. All aspects of clinical research are covered at AP-HP from rare diseases to pharmaco-economic evaluations. 

BioLabs and the AP-HP will be developing an offer to access the potential of this 100,000-staff organization, and ensure the streamlined planning, process and execution of collaborative clinical research protocols.

A joint offer will take you through the planning and regulatory steps that any clinical trial will entail. This process is dedicated to entrepreneurs, hailing from France or from other countries. 


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Meet Our Team

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Susan Chase
VP, Business Development
Hélène Sire, Pharm.D
Business Development
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Clément Lapierre
Business Development

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