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2024 Novo Nordisk
Golden Ticket

Apply by February 19, 2024


Novo Nordisk and BioLabs Europe invite you to apply for a Golden Ticket. The Golden Ticket provides lab bench and office space for one year at BioLabs Heidelberg or BioLabs Paris, and access to the Novo Nordisk team of scientific and industry advisors. 

Golden Ticket Benefits


What is Novo Nordisk searching for?
Novo Nordisk is looking for early-stage biotech companies that fit the following criteria:

Focused on novel drug targets and transformational medicines in cardiometabolic disease

Robust research plan and potential for successful development of the research


Therapeutic Areas at a Glance

App Process

Application Process

The official application process can be found above. Please read and verify your availability before submitting your application. 



Complete the application form and upload a non-confidential pitch deck for this competition.


Judging Criteria

Read more about the judging criteria and judges. Scientific experts will review your application and select the most promising ones.


The Application Process


Submit applications by
February 19, 2024


A subset of applications will be identified as finalist by the contest judges by
March 1, 2024


Winning teams will present their company & scientific concept at a live event on
March 19, 2024


Up to 4 awards will be granted
Good luck!

Judging Criteria and Judges 

The applications are assessed by a scientific expert panel. Their assessments are based on six evaluation criteria: 

Fit to Novo Nordisk's strategic interest areas

Unmet need to be addressed and potential of the envisioned product will differentiate from existing treatment options

Quality and impact of previously generated scientific data 

Research plan robustness and key milestone(s) to reach within one year 

Team competency

Potential to successfully achieve research milestones and downstream program maturation

Judging Criteria
  • What is the Novo Nordisk Golden Ticket – Biolabs European Award? 
    Golden Tickets are vouchers that Novo Nordisk can award to a startup company of their choice and provide that company with one lab bench for one year at two of their European hubs, either in Heidelberg (Germany) or Paris in (France). The value of a Golden Ticket prepays the cost of one (1) single bench, one (1) single desk and Biolabs membership for one person for one (1) year. The value of a single bench may be applied towards fees for a private lab in either Biolabs Heidelberg or Paris, pending availability at the time of their desired start. The Golden Ticket winner must pay the difference between the larger space and the value of the single bench covered by their Golden Ticket. If there are no benches available, the value of the golden ticket will be extended while the company remains on the waitlist for a bench. The winner will receive priority admission or renewal for one year’s use of a lab bench and access to all shared facilities at Biolabs Heidelberg or Paris, and opportunities to engage with Novo Nordisk scientific and business executives.
  • What is Novo Nordisk searching for?
    Novo Nordisk is looking for early-stage biotech companies that fit the following criteria: Focused on maturing novel drug targets and developing transformational medicines in cardiometabolic disease, in particular in one of the below stated therapeutic areas Quality of the scientific work and impact Robust research plan and potential for successful development of the research Convincing business and funding strategy Novo Nordisk’s strategic interest areas: Type 2 Diabetes  Efficacy beyond blood glucose lowering  Restoring insulin resistance  Regeneration & disease-modification  Obesity  Enhancing energy expenditure  Modulating hedonic eating behavior  Modulating counter-regulatory mechanisms  Cardiovascular disease  Atherosclerosis beyond LDL/TG lowering  Precision-medicine for heart failure  Disease-modification for HF & cardiomyopathy  Resistant hypertension & unstable angina  Metabolic disease co-morbidities & rare diseases MASH (Liver Disease) Chronic kidney disease Rare, non-malignant hematology conditions Rare endocrine disorders Drug discovery & enabling technology  Drug discovery & enabling technology in the above stated therapeutic areas
  • How do I know if I am eligible for a Golden Ticket?
    Golden Tickets may be awarded to either startup companies that are interested in joining the Biolabs European community (either in Heidelberg or Paris) or current Resident Companies. To be eligible to participate to have the opportunity to receive the Award, the Applicant must: (1) be an incorporated company or a project that is still in the research phase and have not incorporated into a company yet, but there is an intention to start a company in the near future (2) submit a complete Application; (3) represent and warrant that the Applicant has read and agrees to abide by all requirements of these Rules; (4) not be affiliated with or employed by Novo Nordisk or Biolabs including as an employee, contractor, officer or director of Novo Nordisk or Biolabs and including as an immediate family member of Novo Nordisk or Biolabs (including parents, spouses, children, siblings or any individual residing in the household of a Novo Nordisk, officer or director (whether or not related))
  • When will I be able to use my Golden Ticket?
    The winning teams will be invited to present their company & scientific concept at the BioLabs European Investor Day in Paris on March 19, 2024 Companies must be financially and scientifically ready to start the program within three months of receiving the ticket and to execute the submitted research plan.
  • How to apply and what should the application contain?
    Fill in our application form and submit it. The application should give an overview on your project, describe unmet medical need, solution and how it differentiates from existing treatment options, scientific principal, key data supporting the scientific principal, the research plan and what is the key milestone to reach within one year, team competency, initial business and funding strategy, and IP status. You are also required to provide a non-confidential deck (max. 10 slides).

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