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2021 Women’s Venture Competition

The AIM-HI Accelerator Fund is pleased to present the 2021 Women’s Venture Competition. Subject to due diligence and negotiation, the winning company will receive $1 million in investment from AIM-HI and co-investors. Outside of the investment, “Rising Star” and “Most Innovative Technology” prizes will be awarded to chosen contestants.


  • Application Deadline: Saturday, May 15, 2021, 11:59 PM ET

  • Announcement of Semi-Finalists: On or around July 20, 2021; E-mail communication to all approved applicants, online to general public

  • Virtual Competition: TBD date, Summer 2021, via Zoom; winner and runner-up to be announced

  • Final Investment Award Announcement after due diligence: By Fall 2021; In person, e-mail or telephone communication to the selected winner, online to general public

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