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BioLabs Heidelberg announces key partnership and new members in its vibrant life-science community

  • BioLabs Heidelberg Welcomes its First Early-Stage Biotech Tenants

  • Announces BioRN Life Science Cluster Rhine-Neckar as its Founding Partner to help establish the Rhine-Main-Neckar region as a leading life science and entrepreneurial hub

Heidelberg, 26.04.2022. BioLabs, the premier developer and operator of life science coworking spaces, is thrilled to welcome its first three inaugural tenants to its Heidelberg location: Anavo Therapeutics, faCellitate, and Phialogics. BioLabs has announced BioRN, the leading non-profit membership network in the Rhine-Neckar region, as its Founding Partner. This partnership will enable BioLabs to adapt their business model to the German biotech system.

“BioRN has been central in establishing our first European site in Heidelberg, and I’m excited to consolidate this bond as we continue to build on the strong academic environment in Heidelberg to develop a center for innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Johannes Fruehauf, M.D. Ph.D

“In addition, the commitment by Anavo Therapeutics, faCellitate and Phialogics to locate and grow their companies in Heidelberg’s Rhine-Neckar region is a sign of the region’s strong biotech commercialization potential, and we look forward to supporting and helping them advance their science to benefit patients.”

“The BioLabs hub in Heidelberg is an ideal location for life sciences companies due to the vibrant ecosystem of new and established biotechs and proximity to top-tier research institutions in the region,” said Birgit Zech, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Anavo Therapeutics. “Joining BioLabs’ fully equipped lab space allowed us to jump start our lab operations quickly and will facilitate the scaling of our operations as our programs advance. We are thrilled to be BioLabs’ first tenant in their first hub in Europe.

By leveraging its partners from academia, industry, and public authorities, BioRN identified BioLabs as the leading provider and key concept to develop the region into an international life science entrepreneurial hub. The City of Heidelberg played a decisive role in the implementation of the concept at the Heidelberg Innovation Park location.

"Our partnership with BioLabs Heidelberg will be key to turning the region into a leading life science and entrepreneurial hub, and its state-of-the-art facility at Heidelberg Innovation Park will be expanding with 2.200 sqm of added laboratory and office space in mid-2022," said Julia Schaft, Managing Director at BioRN.

“The is a great example of how close and trusting cooperation between key stakeholders from academia, industry and the public sector can create structures that lift the entire region to the top of the world in the implementation of health innis is a great example of how close and trusting ovations."

Five global pharmaceutical companies - Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Eli Lilly and Company, AbbVie, and Sanofi - have already signed on as strategic partners of Biolabs Heidelberg. In addition to the financial support the partners provide to BioLabs, they support biotech founders with invaluable expertise and advice, additional sources of funding, and opportunities for strategic collaboration.

BioLabs Heidelberg offers a unique environment of coworking spaces that pair fully equipped and supported laboratories plus furnished office space with an active community-building effort including unparalleled access to capital through the strategic partners. This fertile, supportive ecosystem will allow young companies to shift their focus from lab buildout and operations to experimentation and innovation, so that they can quickly reach their scientific potential and achieve business success.

About BioLabs

BioLabs is the definitive growth partner for science-based entrepreneurs, empowering companies to accelerate their science, grow their business, and have a lasting impact on the world. The BioLabs difference is in their sector-defining ecosystem: delivering best-in-class lab space, essential business services, a powerful network of innovators and guides who offer “been-there” insight, and site teams with unparalleled experience guiding founders through the operational complexities of growing a biotech company. There are currently 11 BioLabs centers located in key innovation hubs across North America, with Heidelberg being the first European lab location and multiple locations planned for France in 2022 and beyond. Follow BioLabs on Twitter (@BioLabsHQ) and LinkedIn

About BioRN

BioRN is the science and industry innovation cluster around Heidelberg at the border between Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. BioRN is a non-profit network counting more than 130 members. It includes top universities, research institutions and Technology Parks. Ten global pharmaceutical companies have R&D sites or are active in the BioRN network. The ecosystem is completed by a large range of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as local government organizations and interest groups. With the vision to make life science matter and innovation happen, the cluster management established a clear strategy to become the leading European life science cluster, attracting global investment and talent.

About Anavo Therapeutics

Anavo Therapeutics is the first company to systematically drug phosphatases, a rich target space previously considered undruggable for decades. We have attracted world-leading scientific expertise in phosphatase-driven disease biology and drug discovery to unlock the full potential of phosphatase-targeted allosteric modulators. In oncology, Anavo is developing multiple first-in-class therapeutic programs and will build on partnerships around its platform to establish a rich pipeline across several indications. Anavo is backed by blue-chip investors M Ventures, INKEF Capital, Taiho Ventures and Bioqube Ventures. For more information, please visit:

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2022-04-26 Founding Partner BioLabs HD
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Managing Director

Julia Schaft, PhD


BioLabs Heidelberg

Head of Lab Operations

Ann-Kristin Mueller, PhD


BioLabs Global

Chief Business Officer

Nina Dudnik, PhD


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