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Collaborations During a Pandemic [WEBINAR]

On June 3rd Biolabs@NYULangone hosted a webinar in partnership with Nixon Peabody: led by Seth Levy, we talked through considerations for partnerships in the face of a global pandemic.

"Companies are scrambling to collaborate on the rapid development and deployment of products and services to address the pandemic. This requires highly-efficient dealmaking that enables important projects to quickly proceed, but also must account for unusual challenges in obtaining access to highly sought-after patient samples; disruptions to R&D based on stay-home orders, supply chain limitations, and other practical constraints; and an evolving regulatory landscape for vaccines, therapeutics and devices. This all must be balanced with the range of issues important in any biotech collaboration, such as the management of intellectual property and access to sufficient financial resources. This session will provide guidance and tips to consider in navigating this challenging time, which nonetheless presents tremendous opportunity for innovation."

Running roughly 50 minutes, we welcome you to tune in to this complimentary webinar:

About Nixon Peabody

Nixon Peabody’s national Life Sciences team supports clients in navigating the continuously evolving life sciences industry and the intricate business challenges and regulatory circumstances in which they operate. The skill sets of attorneys in the Life Sciences practice tackle specific issues pertaining to fundraising, intellectual property, labor and employment, real estate, litigation and governance. With advanced technical training, specific knowledge and first-hand experience handling issues affecting clients’ daily operations, Nixon Peabody can provide the full range of legal services for companies of every size. Nixon Peabody works with clients through all stages of their business life cycle and throughout the global market.

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