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Freeline Therapeutics Raises $120m in Series C

Late last month, Biolabs@NYULangone resident Freeline Therapeutics closed out their funding round by adding $80m of new capital to it's previously secured $40m (from long-term investors Syncona). At a grand total of $120m, these funds will allow them to continue their clinical work, advance their pipeline programs, and begin new trials.

“The potential of gene therapy to change patients’ lives has never been greater and we are delighted to have leading US and European biotechnology investors join us in this extended Series C financing,” said Theresa Heggie, CEO of Freeline.

“It comes at an exciting time for Freeline with our lead program in Haemophilia B progressing through clinical development, and with promising programs behind that, including a gene therapy treatment for Fabry Disease in the clinic and for Gaucher Disease and Haemophilia A in late preclinical development.”

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