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Future of Food & Nutrition

On Thursday, July 15th, we hosted our first post-pandemic in-person event exploring the future of food and nutrition featuring a panel of some of our resident companies and special guests.

The panel was moderated by Dr. Glennis Mehra and Rini Greenfield, a founding general partner of ReThink Food. Our panelists included Eziah Syed and Helene Rutledge from Mend, Carolina Barsa and Jonathan Schieman from FitBiomics, Dr. Tiziano Barber from Lab Farm Foods, Laura Katz from Helaina, Chef Joseph Yoon from Brooklyn Bugs, and Louis Sorkin, a Board Certified Entomologist and Consulting Forensic Entomologist. Our guests and resident companies got to share their insights into navigating the food and nutrition world through a life science perspective and what is there to come.

The panel was followed by a Happy Hour and networking event. Thanks to Chef Joseph Yoon and Brooklyn Bugs for catering and providing some delicious bugs for everyone to snack on. Also big thanks to Louis Sorkin for bringing some live bugs for everyone to see and play with. Glad to see everyone had an enjoyable time at the event!

Check out the panel discussion in the video below:

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