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New collaboration with Servier

We're proud to announce our collaboration with Servier !

As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we have been through this many times and know firsthand the pain-points that startups face. We designed BioLabs Paris-Saclay, alongside our Founding Partner, Servier, to be the premier co-working space for life science startups — a unique place in which to test, develop and grow game changing ideas.

Suresnes, France and Cambridge MA, USA, June 23, 2021 - Servier, a global independent pharmaceutical Group, and Biolabs Global, (“BioLabs”) a developer and operator of premium co-working laboratories in the US and Europe, announce today that they have entered into a services agreement to manage Servier’s start-up incubator located in the future Servier R&D Institute in Paris-Saclay due to open in 2023.

The start-up co-working laboratory created by Servier within its Research and Development Institute in Paris-Saclay aims to be a major player in therapeutic innovation. The unprecedented synergy between the dynamism of young, promising companies in the healthcare sector and Servier's pharmaceutical expertise offers unique conditions for developing and accelerating drug discovery, both in France and worldwide.

“The start-up incubator encourages a new level of knowledge sharing. Networked innovation without barriers is crucial for serving patients' unmet needs even more effectively and rapidly. Agile methods to accelerate R&D programs are based on synergies and teamwork,” comments Christophe Thurieau, Executive Director of Servier Research.

This incubator inside the Servier Research and Development Institute will offer a unique combination of space and services in France, and represents Servier’s ambition to renew itself and its new approach to R&D. It will allow start-ups to have their independence regarding Servier, while being close-by and benefiting from Servier’s scientific and technological expertise.

A place for innovation

Spanning 1,850 m2, the co-working laboratory has been designed with a capacity for, approximately 20 companies with space for over 100 scientists. The beautifully designed spaces will offer fully equipped and permitted premium shared and private laboratory spaces, conference facilities, central café and adjacent office and hot desks for the start-up companies. Residents will have access to the central Servier support spaces and core facilities and benefit from an easy to use e-procurement solution and integrated biohazard and chemical waste management. Additionally, residents are connected to fellow entrepreneurs from around the globe and to sponsor companies from many industries through the BioLabs network. Participants join this fertile ecosystem on their first day at the lab.

Admission to the Center will be through an application and selection process managed by BioLabs. The application process will be opened in Summer 2022. To promote and facilitate interactions prior to opening, Servier and BioLabs are offering regular webinars, Masterclasses and mentoring programs. The first Masterclass mentoring workshop for start-ups will take place on November 2021 in Boston.

A recognized player with international experience to offer a unique range of services

Servier will partner with BioLabs to operate and manage this tailor-made space. BioLabs is experienced and recognized in health/life sciences at a global level. Both companies are interested and highly motivated to support the acceleration of R&D projects.

“Launching this site in collaboration with Servier is an extraordinary opportunity for us. Servier has been a valuable partner in the US and has shown that they have the vision and enthusiasm to support entrepreneurs at this very early stage. This commitment to health science innovation matches our own mission and values. We look forward to supporting the community alongside Servier with webinars, masterclasses and mentoring prior to the launch and welcoming quality start-ups in 2023,” said Johannes Fruehauf, Founder, President & CEO of Biolabs.

BioLabs will oversee the day-to-day management of the site, the provision of supplies, services and equipment, the practical support and events and programming specific to the interests of life science start-ups. They will also establish contacts with industry leaders and the entrepreneurial ecosystem at large, in Saclay and throughout France and beyond.

Paris-Saclay, an unprecedented location to bio-innovate in France

With 15% of national research, 40% of public and private research jobs in Île-de-France with the jewels of French academic and private research, the scientific and technological cluster of Paris-Saclay is among the eight most powerful innovation hubs in the world. This density and variety of resources makes Paris-Saclay unique. It gives Paris-Saclay all the advantages of one of the most attractive innovation clusters for investors, innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The Paris-Saclay cluster offers a promising array of potential future partners.

“Combining this unique place for health start-ups to grow and learn from experienced professionals with the vibrant ecosystem of Paris Saclay makes a unique opportunity to support therapeutic and technology innovation and improve the life of patients,” concludes Olivier Nosjean, Head of Global Open Innovation and Scientific Affairs at Servier.

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