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Golden Ticket

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Otsuka is sponsoring a competition to award up to two Golden Tickets at a US BioLabs site. Each Golden Ticket provides one year of fully paid individual bench space and membership at a fully equipped laboratory designed to accelerate early-stage startup working on research and development in Novel platform technologies for discovery of novel targets, improved drug discovery, tissue tropism, delivery of large molecules, or new pharmaceutical based therapeutic interventions. Therapeutics areas of strategic focus include Psychiatry, Neurology, Cardio-Renal and Immunology.


Application Process

The official application process can be found below. Please read and verify your availability before submitting your application. 



Complete the online application form and upload a non-confidential pitch deck for this competition.


Terms & Conditions

Each applicant must acknowledges that they have read the official Terms and Conditions and they fully agrees and accept them. 


Golden Ticket Benefits

Eligibility Snapshot
Otsuka is looking for biotech companies working on research and development in the following areas:

Novel platform technologies for discovery of novel targets

Improved drug discovery

Tissue tropism

New pharmaceutical based therapeutic interventions

Delivery of large molecules

Psychiatry, neurology, cardio-renal and immunology

App Process

The Application Process


Submit the online application by April 1, 2024


A subset of applications will be identified as finalist by the contest judges by
April 19, 2024


Winning teams will present their company & scientific concept at an in-person event on
May 16, 2024


Up to 2 awards will be granted
Good luck!

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this competition contact

If you have any questions about BioLabs contact


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