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BioLabs LA Companies Participate in Larta's HEAL Program


member companies of BIoLabs LA are part of the 4-month pilot program designed to identify and accelerate the best possible outcome for each company in its sector.

The 4 early-stage bioscience companies participating in the 2021 pilot cohort are:

• Hawkeye Bio ( Non-invasive cancer detected from breath, blood, or

saliva for early detection of lung, breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers,

• SNJ Pharma ( Novel therapeutic, non-toxic, nanoparticles for targeted

delivery and pharmabiotics,

• Tender Light Scientific ( Portable devices using diffuse reflectance

spectroscopy (DRS) systems for neonatal care to monitor health status, and,

• Triton Bio ( Diagnostic instruments to rapidly determine the antibiotic

resistance of bacteria and fungi causing life-threatening infections.

More Information about Heal.LA Biosciences Accelerator

Heal.LA will offer companies and partners a variety of valuable tools and services as part of this

innovative program, including:

• Up to $50,000 in business and commercialization services at no cost to the startups

• Access to Larta’s vast virtual platform of webinars and other tech-to-market tools such as

research reports, templates, and other materials tailored to specific areas of growth

• Direct 1-on-1 guidance between vetted entrepreneurs and world-class industry experts in

Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Digital Health, Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, and more

• Expert feedback and validation of strategies for market and product fit for both early and

later-stage companies

• Access to industry partners for potential collaboration and fundraising

• Demo Day events featuring industry and investors providing market and investment leads

and opportunities through curated private introductions

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