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KIPP Through College (KTC)

The KIPP Through College (KTC) team supports KIPP SoCal students and alumni with individual, personalized counseling on their journeys to and through high school and college. KIPP Through College is sustained by philanthropy, and committed to ensuring students receive the customized support services needed to thrive in high school, college, and the competitive job market.

KIPP Through College counselors provide students and families with support along their journey to and through college:

Middle School: In middle school, KIPP Through College counselors introduce KIPP families to a variety of high school options, providing support throughout the high school placement process and transition into high school.

High School: While in high school, KIPP alumni are assigned a KIPP Through College counselor who supports them through the college application and matriculation process.

College & Careers: Once in college, KIPP Through College counselors provide extensive support to ensure alumni persist on the path to college graduation and explore career opportunities.

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