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SD2: Fellowships, Internships, and Scholarships

SD2 focuses on increasing diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) careers. We strive to inspire, support, and mentor students at every stage of the talent pipeline. We connect underrepresented students to the power of STEM by providing access to education, mentorship, and the resources they need to lead the talent workforce.

COLLABORATE We’re here to give students their best shot at their brightest future. Our network of advocates and community leaders will support students in building and navigating a roadmap to success. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR TEAM & PARTNERS

DISRUPT We’re innovators at heart. Movers and shakers. Disruptors of the status quo. More of the same isn’t an option. Bold action and fearless leadership are required. No community has a monopoly on talent, and real change calls for a relentlessly creative and original approach. SEE WHAT WE DO

ACT Together we have the power, the people, and the platform to change the face of STEM. Now is the moment to move from discussion to meaningful, coordinated work. SD2 exists to deliver real, measurable results that drive diversity in STEM and we can’t do it alone. BECOME A DONOR

REPRESENT We’re here to build a community of leaders and mentors that inspire a new path and a new model for success. Because what gets us out of bed every morning is the chance to be a part of the stories yet to be told. Like yours! EXPLORE THE LATEST FROM SD2

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