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PWC Life Sciences Forum

Yesterday we hosted Professional Women In Constructions first event of the decade!

We had a great community turnout to learn about the current state of New York life sciences as it relates to the real estate market, and the keynote presentation from Bill Harvey was super informative about the future! We had fun discussing everything from the "why?" of companies moving to NY (with one of our residents) to the "how?" (with NYCEDC). We love when conversation flows and everyone walks away with great new perspective - the entire panel was fantastic.

The panel was followed with tours of the space, focusing on challenges of building it out for Biolabs@NYULangone and the current state of occupancy... plus what's next for life sciences in NYC.

Thank you to all involved, especially Sarah Epifano and Yasmeen Pattie for co-chairing the event - it was a fantastic time!

Check out PWC and all the fantastic things they do HERE

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