Tufts Launchpad BioLabs

Situated in one of the most dynamic biotech environments in the world, Tufts Launchpad brings the best of Boston to early stage bioinnovators and investors. Our members share the streets with leaders of academic and research institutions, pharma giants and a rapidly-expanding population of biotech start-ups and all stars. Find out more about becoming a Boston-built biotech today.


Ipsen Innovation Center

We "heart" Cambridge. Not only is it the home of Harvard University and MIT - Cambridge is where it all started for BioLabs. Our neighbors include all the top 15 pharmaceutical companies, rapidly-expanding biotech all-stars and numerous start-ups. Try to walk down the street without running into a bioinnovator!

New York

NYU Langone

The Big Apple has always been home to a number of great innovations and leading institutions including NYU, Columbia, and Mount Sinai just to name a few. With our new BioLabs New York space, bioinnovators can access premier co-working labs in Manhattan. Take the subway or the bus and you are on your way to being part of the fastest growing biotech scene in the U.S.

North Carolina


BioLabs North Carolina is located in a unique biotech co-working facility in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Our aim is to attract the most ambitious startup companies in life sciences. This premium open lab space and office space favors collaboration. The lab is equipped with top-of-the-line research equipment, with additional services to help resident companies reach their milestones faster.

Los Angeles

The Lundquist Institute

As Southern California’s premier co-working facilities, BioLabs’ locations are designed to help high-potential life-science startups, digital health teams, and virtual pharmaceutical companies go further, faster on limited capital investment. Los Angeles may house a record number of Oscars and Emmys – but the real stars are the world renowned hospitals, research institutions and universities including The Lundquist Institute (formerly LA Biomed), UCLA, USC, and Caltech, all of whom call LA home. The spotlight is shining on this growing bioscience cluster, even with all the glitter and gold, there is no better place to be at the center of all the luster.


Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs

Nestled in the epicenter of New Jersey's academic community, Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs lets you focus on what's most important to you: building your startup as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to make an impact on society. Our member-based co-working environment pairs a supportive and scalable shared office and lab space with strategic access to capital and industry partners.


BioLabs at CIC

Known as the nucleus of the innovation community in the Greater Philadelphia region, BioLabs at CIC combines 100K+ square feet of shared office space, 20K+ square feet of shared lab space and 15K square feet of meeting  / event space (the Quorum).

San Diego

Campus Point

There is a reason they call this area "biotech beach" but don't let the surf and sand fool you. San Diego is home to world-class research and academic institutions such as UC San Diego, Sanford Burnham Prebys, the Salk Institute, the Scripps Research Institute as well as pharma and biotech companies of all sizes. We know you will agree that co-working by the shore and "board" meetings on the beach (surf's up!) can't be beat.

North Texas

BioLabs at Pegasus Park

Introducing the first BioLabs location in the central United States and the first life science co-working space in Dallas. We eliminate the stress of running your own facility allowing you to focus on the science while surrounded by your peers and future collaborators. Welcome to BioLabs at Pegasus Park!