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Amgen Sponsors Golden Ticket at BioLabs LA

Amgen Golden Ticket Winners to Receive Lab Space, Mentoring and Other Benefits

PR Newswire- February 3, 2021

Amgen announced a three-year, Golden Ticket sponsorship of the BioLabs LA at The Lundquist Institute (TLI) life sciences co-working space to accelerate the development of new therapies, medical devices, and diagnostics to advance and improve human health. The BioLabs at TLI shared laboratory space was created to help high-potential life science and biotech startups overcome key obstacles for many early stage organizations, including: access to laboratory infrastructure, programming, and business development mentorship.

As part of the sponsorship, Amgen will launch one "Amgen Golden Ticket" award each year for three years, providing winners with one year of lab space at BioLabs as well as additional facility benefits and connections to Amgen's scientific and business leaders.

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