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Reach Magazine Fall 2020

The Lundquist Institute presents its new quarterly newsletter.

"The Fall 2020 issue includes articles on infectious diseases, including COVID-19. We also unveil two new features, Meet Our Scientist, and Profiles of our Board, highlighting the career, interests and views of Dr. Mitchel Sayare, a Board Vice Chair. Recounted by Dr. Emil Kakkis, is how a groundbreaking treatment for an orphan disease was developed in one of the Institute’s original barracks. There is also a thought-provoking commentary on the “Quality of Death” by Dr. Charles Grob, and an article on how to avoid melanoma, by Dr. Delphine Lee. You may also find it interesting to read that one of the first patients at Harbor General’s campus was one of Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s famous white horses." - Dr. David Meyer Ph.D , President and CEO

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