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Golden Ticket

Servier is an independent international pharmaceutical company that is deeply committed to innovation and improving patient lives. With its governance rooted in a non-profit foundation, Servier is uniquely positioned to prioritize patients and science.

The Golden Ticket program, sponsored by Servier in partnership with BioLabs awards selected startups with lab space and other critical resources to accelerate their research and development efforts, particularly in fields like oncology, immuno-inflammation, and neuroscience. Winners of the Golden Ticket gain not just physical resources within Spartners by Servier & BioLabs but also access to Servier's vast network of scientific expertise and mentorship, significantly aiding in the development of novel therapies for unmet medical needs.


Application Process

The official application process can be found below. Please read and verify your availability before submitting your application. 



Complete the online application form and upload a non-confidential pitch deck for this competition.


Judging Criteria

Read more about the judging criteria and judges. Scientific experts will review your application and select the most promising ones.


Golden Ticket Benefits

Eligibility Snapshot
Servier is looking for biotech companies working on research and development in the following areas:


Servier aims to be an innovative force in rare cancers, such as digestive cancers, glioma, hematologic, and pediatric cancers. 


Medicines that slow the progression of rare and chronic diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and genetic neurodegenerative diseases.


Servier seeks to develop treatments that target these diseases with a strong therapeutic need.

App Process

The Application Process


Submit the online application by May 20, 2024


A subset of applications will be identified as finalist by the contest judges by
June 15, 2024


Winning teams will present their company & scientific concept at an in-person event on
July 4, 2024


One awards will be granted
Good luck!

Judging Criteria and Judges 

The applications are assessed by a scientific expert panel. Their assessments are based on six evaluation criteria: 

Fit to Servier's strategic interest areas

Unmet need to be addressed and potential of the envisioned product will differentiate from existing treatment options

Quality and impact of previously generated scientific data 

Research plan robustness and key milestone(s) to reach within one year 

Team competency

Potential to successfully achieve research milestones and downstream program maturation

Judging Criteria

Click below to read the Terms and Conditions

Contact Us

If you have any questions about BioLabs contact

If you have any questions about Servier contact

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